What Value Do You Place on Human Potential?

The joys of raising a healthy, happy child to adulthood are among the most precious gifts any parent can know. However, for many of our neighbors in Lake County with a special needs child, those joys may be in short supply.

Every parent wants to see their child grow and thrive, but for those who have a child with profound physical, mental, or emotional disabilities, daily life is often a far more difficult struggle than most of us will ever experience.

The Special Education District of Lake County

The Special Education District of Lake County – “SEDOL” - is responsible for providing physically, mentally, and emotionally challenged children up to age 22 with educational opportunities appropriate to each child’s needs. Created in 1960, SEDOL is a cooperative system that serves over 2,600 students, 400 square miles and 35 Lake County school districts.

What’s the SEDOL Foundation?

While the Special Education District’s services are comprehensive, there are important life-enhancing resources that the organization simply can’t provide because of funding limitations. That’s where the SEDOL Foundation comes in. Believing that every child deserves the opportunity to develop to their full potential, the not-for-profit Foundation was created in 1991 to partner with SEDOL, special needs children and their families to overcome difficult challenges and create hope and new possibilities.

The Foundation does this by supplying both funding and guidance for a wide range of supplemental resources and activities not covered by tax dollars. And, with the availability of exciting new technologies and other enabling resources, there is a growing opportunity to make a real, positive difference in the lives of the children and their families.

In addition, the SEDOL Foundation seeks to…

  • Provide resources for the development of innovative programs and practices
  • Encourage programs that prepare students with special needs for successful transitions into the community
  • Support the development of informational networks for families of children with special needs
  • Promote a positive image of children with special needs and the programs that serve them

Special needs children and their families share the same aspirations as you and your family. The SEDOL Foundation needs your support in helping these children reach their full potential.

Board of Directors - 2018

Bob Williams Chair Burns Entertainment
Dustin Epstein Vice Chair Briggs healthcare
Paul Benjamin Treasurer Echales, Benjamin & Simkin
David Raye Secretary The Goddard School
Thomas Doherty Executive Committee The PrivateBank
Thomas Moline Executive Committee SEDOL
Joe Oleksy Executive Committee Discover Financial Services
David Rutkowski Executive Committee Horace Mann Insurance
Thomas Zengeler Executive Committee Zengeler Cleaners

At Large Members

Carl Abrahamson - Associated Bank Mike Adams - Colliers International
Melissa Brunette - Hollister Inc Joe Charneske - GMCS
Daniel Clark - Cardinal Health Mike Deney - First Bank & Trust
David Facklam - CTI Jody Gleason
Kurt Krieghbaum - Medline Industries, Inc. Keith O'Donnell - CDW
Neil Pankau - Getinge Group Al Scaletta - TDS Metrocom
Steve Slaw - The Goddard School Tracy Wasilewski - Abbott Laboratories
Roycealee Wood - Regional Office of Education Garry Hodge - Walgreens
Dr. Magadalene Kalb Anthony Adams - Retired Chicago Bears
Bill Burrows - Brightstar US Richard Daniels - Daniels, Long & Pinsel
Stephanie Felinczak - Shire Tim McMahon
Mary Sowers Peter Graves - Graves Design Group

Board Emeritus

Tom Aldrich - Retired,  John Burnett - The Goddard School,  Tom Kibbe - Products of Distinction,  Eric Olson

Help special needs children reach their full potential. Support the SEDOL Foundation