The SEDOL Foundation has a clear mission: to generate and distribute resources that enrich educational, vocational and social opportunities for children with special needs in Lake County, Illinois. But once you’ve committed to the rewarding work of helping to provide pathways to a fuller life for these children, you can’t help but want to open new doors for all special needs children! To that end, the SEDOL Foundation has created this “Resource Zone.” It is our desire to become a trusted resource for the parents and supporters of special needs children everywhere.

Special Needs Links

We have brought together an interdisciplinary group of SEDOL teachers, administrators and Foundation board members who have begun an ongoing process of assembling Special Needs Links. These particular links were chosen because we feel they stand apart for the quality of the information and assistance that is offered. In this small way, we hope to extend to the larger community some of the resources we've learned about.

Grant Applications

The SEDOL Foundation also seeks to provide resources for the development of innovative programs and practices. Our “Resource Zone” also offers a downloadable Grant Applications form that has been designed to provide potential donors and the Grant Committee with required information concerning grant requests.

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