Bobby Borgula

Preparing students who are capable to make a successful transition to work and more independent living is a critical SEDOL objective. Bobby Borgula has worked at the VA Hospital during the school year and at Great America in the summer. The SEDOL Foundation supplies transportation and supports the services of a “job coach” who works with him on customer service, teamwork, and other transferable job skills.

Bobby loves his work, and gaining skills and navigating a work environment has helped him mature and made real the prospect of holding a job as an adult. Having real world responsibilities and feeling productive has also provided a major boost to his self-esteem.

Bobby also belongs to CUFF (“Connecting & Uniting for Friendship”), an after-school Foundation-sponsored activity that brings together high-functioning autistic and Asperger’s kids. Bobby says, “that’s where most of my friends are,” which makes sense since young adults with his handicap have difficulty interacting with peers and developing friendships. Bobby’s mom, Patti, says that “watching him interact with other CUFF kids is a revelation! I’m so relieved they can make this connection.”

Bobby Borgula is shown with job coach Cecilia McKenzie

Bobby Borgula is shown with job coach Cecilia McKenzie